The company is established in 2010, inheriting and combining the activities and the assets of two other companies, owned by the same people from 1994.

The owner of the company is the Afuzov s’ family, which has experience in the agricultural and wine business for more than 40 years.

The main activities are:

  1. Engineering of food industries facilities, concerning: wine, fruit, grain, beverage, dairy, etc. processing. This activity includes technological design of the processing lines and facilities, technological calculations to achieve the goals of production, calculation of equipment, waste water treatment, investment cost, and whatever needed for preliminary information before construction start!

For the period of practice we are involved in more than 100 projects for different facilities of different sizes – wineries starting with capacity of 20 tons of grapes per season and ending with 50 000 tons of grapes per season.

We are very proud to announce, that we are somehow involved in every significant wine project in Bulgaria for the last 30 years.

We have created designs for other food processing facilities as: sunflower oil plants, grain mills, vegetable processing factories, dairy farms and processing sites, bottling facilities, distillation of spirits, brandy storages and many others.

Our projects are some of the most advanced in the country and the region! Here are some of them:

  1. AFUZOV WINE STATION – 2014. This is our last project and it is our own investment. Here we have built in our knowledge about HOW TO MAKE WINE. After so many years of experience and hard work on the field of winemaking, we designed and constructed a small winery with all the technology needed, to produce High quality and healthy wines

We process red and white grapes only from the area – where 50% of the grapes of Bulgaria is grown. I mean the EAST THRACIAN VALLEY.

We produce many different styles of white, rose and red wines, taking care of the production’s highest quality and taste.


    – exclusively designed, installed and delivered by our company – 2004.

It has own vineyards and the task was to make ECOLOGICAL and BIO production

MELNIK WINERY exclusively designed, installed and delivered by our company – 2010. Focused in modern and classic techniques for production of high quality wines. They have own vineyards and produce some BIO wine.

BODRUMI I VJETER – Republic of KOSOVO – renovated in 2006 after the war. Now fully operational and producing some of the best wines of KOSOVO.

Shato – Arno ARMENIA – one fully executed project in Armenia – focused in production of High quality brandies, but also in high quality white and red wines.

  1. Commercial presentation and delivery, of equipment

for the food industry. In the last 30 years we kept ourselves informed about the latest technologies in food industry, concerning mostly wine and beverage. We represent and closely work with: BERTOLASO-ITALY for bottling machines, ENOVENETA – ITALY for wine making machines, LAFAL – ITALY for barrel storage systems, CLOUDINC – USA for cleaning systems, TONNELLERIES BARON – FRANCE for barrels, TONNELLERIES TERES – BULGARIA for barrels, BORELLI – ITALY for small bottling equipment, ALFA LAVAL SWEDEN – separators, pumps, filters, cooling plants, etc. and many others for sporadic orders.

We work closely with all producers of stainless steel tanks in Bulgaria, helping them with know-how, technologies, new constructions of tanks for fermentation and many other things!

All this helps us to be up to date with all new technologies and gives us the opportunity to be more competitive.

  1. Commercial presentation and delivery, of wine-making materials and consumtables.

Since 2009 we develop a branch of activities concerning the materials needed for the wine production, such as: fermentation yeast, fermentation yeast nutrition, enzymes for different oenological applications, clarifying agents, stabilization aid, conservation aid, tannins, improvers, oak alternatives for barrels and many others. This activity helps our expertise on wine biochemistry, wine formation processes and pre-bottling manipulations

We represent the Italian company EVER and Canadian RENAISENCE

  1. Wine production and wine technologies development

In 2012 we decided to build our own winery in which we could present all our knowledge and experience. This winery was supposed to be something like a show room for wine technologies.

We realized this project in 2014 showing that, after good engineering and design a winery can be built and started up for 8 months!

Here we used 50% EU financing, 30% own capital and 20% credit.

Here we represent the best, worldwide up to date technologies in wine industry. We have primary wine-making, storage, aging, different processing technologies and the highest possible quality bottling.

During all these years, practicing these activities, we gained expertise in EU financing programs, we got to know with the proper people who are experienced enough to establish EU financing program for almost every project for agricultures processing.

  1. The WINES

Our first vintage is 2014. It was extremely hard for wine-making, as the weather was extremely rainy and most of the vineyards in the country suffered a lot. We succeeded to avoid these problems, using early and preventing techniques while processing of the vineyards.

We had wonderful white, rose and red wines from this vintage! We are proud to announce that 65-70% of this vintage wines are sold out, and only the reserves of red wines are still to be bottled in July 2016, after 18 months stay in Bulgarian Oak Barrels.

We have developed some brands in different quality levels:

  • MYSTERY – Blended wines from the grapes of the region – fruity, fresh style wines in the bottles

Typical variety wines in the Bag in Box

  • LEGE VINARTIS – this is our middle range of products, still to be released on the market.

It will be in 0.75l glass bottles – single variety wines – best of the current vintage

  • COR CAROLI – this is our highest level of serial products – it will be 3 blended wines – reserves of previous vintages
  • PRIVATE SELECTIONS – we also can provide the service of single barrel for 1 one customer

We can be very useful for finding land on good price, planting it with long term cultures /peaches, vineyards, almonds, cherries, apricots/ using 50-70% EU financing. After that we can develop design and make a project for building processing facility – fruit processing plant, winery, fruit storage plant, again using up to 50% EU financing.

We can be useful in finding, pre-bottling and bottling or expedition on bulk, of cheap wines from other producers in Bulgaria and/or production of high quality wines and exporting them on competitive prices.

We use the occasion to thank you once again for your visit and let you know, that you are always most welcome to our place!

     Sincerely yours:

      Dipl.eng. R. Afuzov

     Dipl.eng. M. Afuzov